Calling All You Mamas-To-Be…

Not every woman may agree with me that this is the most amazing time of her life {I am one of those very rare and strange women who loved being pregnant} but it is an undeniable fact that it is but a short and fleeting moment in your life… here and gone very quickly… and there is nothing quite like it.

The awe and wonder of watching your body transform, the emotional connection, the sweet smiles and glances you get from people as they pass you and admire your belly =)  Ok, ok, and the swollen feet, sleepless nights, and frustration over not being able to fit into something that YOU. WORE. LAST. WEEK. I remember it all very well.  Yes, there is a complete range of emotions and experiences when pregnant.  But it is so beautiful.  Really. You may not think its beautiful now- or at three in the morning when your bladder keeps waking you up- but I honestly think it is when every woman looks their most beautiful.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many gorgeous pregnant mama’s-to-be, and I have really fallen in love with these sessions.

It’s almost like they literally glow in front of the camera, moving around and smiling as they flaunt their bellies:)Even the most shy woman who tells me “I look horrible, my hair is a mess and my clothes don’t fit”, suddenly radiates as soon as the camera is clicking. Because let’s face it- if you are carrying a baby, then you are awesome.  And you know it:)

{by the way- I did not send out a memo to every pregnant woman to wear a white dress for their session:)I just noticed all the above women had on a white dress! Too funny! But they all look incredibly fabulous…. so work those white dresses girls;)}

And as I celebrate one year of starting this humble little business of mine {happy one year to me!} I am starting to really discover the areas in which I want to develop even more. I really feel like my passion is moving towards maternity and newborn photography, and the milestones within a baby’s first year. I haven’t decided how to approach this new concentrated direction, but I do know that I want to take more of these sessions in this next year. I want to practice, explore, learn, experiment, and basically- soak in all the experience that I can.

And no worries- I’ll still be enjoying doing family sessions as well =)  But I’m hoping my practice and study in a certain direction will lead me towards new and exciting things.

So if you or someone you know is pregnant ~ then help me spread the word! And I even have a fun little incentive…….

I’d like to give away one free maternity session to a fabulous deserving mama-to-be.  Yes, we are ALL deserving moms {and we are all fabulous!} , but I’d love to hear the stories out there from women about their experiences of being a mom… or why this pregnancy is special… of why they would love to have pictures taken to remember this time…. anything at all. Whatever is on your heart, I’d like to hear it! And I would be honored to bless you with a free session and CD of digital images.  Maybe you’d like to write about a special friend or family member that is pregnant, you can nominate them for this prize simply by telling me all about her!

Write to me before January 31st, and I will read each and every one, and then notify the woman who has won a free session!  I also have a fun little bonus to give away to the next 3 maternity sessions that I book {worth $110 in value}… so don’t miss out!

So email me your story, as I would love to hear all about it ! You can send me an email at, or you can connect with me through the Brianna Anderson Facebook fanpage.

And then take a nap.   Because as we all know, you don’t get those very often once that baby is here  ;)

xoxo Bri

  • January 23, 2011 - 11:04 pm

    Lexa Sutton - My sister in law, Kourtney, is pregnant with her very first baby! My brother met her in 7th grade and were best friends for years! They finally started dating toward the end of high school and dated throughout college. They got married as my brother was getting ready to graduate- truly high school sweethearts, and married their best friend! After being married for over three years they finally are having their first baby! A girl! This pregnancy has not been easy for her, as she had morning sickness for almost the entire first half of her pregnancy, a stomach virus, and was hospitalized because of stomach pains. Throughout this entire process she has kept a smile on her face, and continues to put others before herself. She even went wedding dress shopping with me! For someone to be going through this experience for their first time and have such high spirits, selflessness, and positive words to say constantly, regardless of the endless nights of sickness is truly remarkable! She is currently in her 20th week, and I have no doubt the next 20 she will tackle with grace and love. (My brother Blake has been such a great support for her too!) If anyone deserves this, I believe Kourtney does. She has no idea I am doing this for her, but I would love for her to win your free photography session! For how much she continues to do for others, persevere through sickness and pain, and keep smiling all the while, I would LOVE to have something like this done for her to honor her love, commitment, and attention she gives to others at a time that she can reasonably be consumed with only herself.

  • January 24, 2011 - 9:17 am

    Jenet - Hi, I love your pictures! They’re stunning! Well, we’re pregnant with out second baby. Carter is 17 months old and we originally wanted to wait until he was about 3 before having another because we enjoy him so much. I’m now learning, once again, our plans defanitley do not supercede the plans of God. So, we’re excited to see His plan in our life unfold. When we were trying with Carter, my obgyn informed me there was very little chance of getting pregnant on my own and in fact, it wasn’t worth wasting a year of my life on so I should begin infertility treatments right away. I must say, I love my ob and will never leave his care. However, I told him we would pray instead of beginning treatments. Within 5 months of trying, we were pregnant! Going back to his office, I reassurred him prayer did work. haha doctor! (Especially since he looked at me like I was crazy when I said that). Going in for my first ultrasound with baby #2, the doctor and nurse were still shocked that I was pregnant yet again. I like people to hear this story because I think it’s encouraging to know that our deepest hearts desires aren’t dependant on other people. Life’s full of the best blessings!

  • January 29, 2011 - 9:16 pm

    Heather - I feel that I have been so blessed… being the proud Mum of three adventurous and energetic little boys, it is thrilling to know that a baby girl is growing inside me! With her every kick, I am wondering what she will be like and what it will be like to have a girl. To be honest, I am so used to cars, trains and blue, I am scared I will not know what to do with a little girl in pink.
    We were not planning on having another and when I found out I was expecting, I was sure it would be a boy. Of course, most importantly, I wanted the baby to be healthy. When they told me it was a girl at 12 weeks, it was disbelief, I was certain that would all change by my 20 week ultrasound… but it did not… still a girl.
    My other littles 5, 3, and 1, all have their own thoughts on baby girl. My 5 year old is mostly concerned with her name, insisting on Katerina or Emma. My 3 year old wants to make sure that I buy her some pink pacifiers:-). And the 1 year old is stashing away anything pink he can reach off the changing table and putting it in his crib. Listening to them talk about baby girl and my belly brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart melt. What a wonderful experience for them. We go through books of them when they were babies, they can hardly believe that they were once inside of me, until they came out my belly button:-).
    Until now, I have never really cherished being pregnant. I have never enjoyed gaining weight, outgrowing clothes that I just wore two days before. This time its different. I think because I have them (and my husband, of course) to enjoy it with me. How can you not smile when your 3 year old asks you how you are going to fit through the doors to his pre-school classroom because your belly is getting too big? I just smile and tell him he will have to push me through…
    I love your pictures Bri. You have a great eye that really catches the magic of the moment! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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