You know the type of friend where no matter how much time has gone by, or where life has taken you~  the minute you get on the phone or see each other, it’s like no time has passed at all?

She is one of those friends:)

John and I met Matt and Rebekah when we were just mere kids ourselves who had just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and had moved to a new city for new jobs and an adventure. We just clicked right away as friends, and bonded over chatting about newlywed life and our big plans for the future. Just a little later down the road, they were some of the first friends to find out that we were pregnant with our oldest, Bella. We had definitely become fast friends, and always felt so at ease in our friendship. Even when John and I made the move to Arizona, we had the type of friendship that would pick right back up where we left off, every time we talked.

Fast forward many years later, our family has grown~ and theirs is about to get bigger as well! They are getting ready to welcome their second daughter into the world, and Rebekah was able to sneak away by herself for a few days to come see me and have some girl time before the baby is born. And of course I had to take some pictures of her beautiful self.. how could I not? She’s radiant!! 

Love you Rebekah, and I just love our time together! Can’t wait till the next time we see each other, and I get to meet that precious new baby! xoxo


  • February 25, 2012 - 12:04 pm

    Sophie - Love the glow of the setting and the even more intense glow of this beautiful mommy-to-be. Absolutely stunning!

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