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My Dad.

Until now, only the people closest to my heart know the story about my dad.  Not for any particular reason, other thanView full post »

The Best Men I Know.

This is a hard one. The usual birthday post I write for my kids each year is slightly harder on this particular year,View full post »

Fresh Air

I’ve been learning a lot this year.  Perhaps I’m growing.  Perhaps I’m maturing.  Or perhaps {andView full post »

This blog post may be a little different. A little more personal. So bear with me. In the age of blogging, Facebook,View full post »

My Best Boy

Birthdays have a whole new meaning, when it comes to the baby of the family. Tyler is my baby.    He’s the lastView full post »


Dear Bella, I will wake up tomorrow morning to the realization that my first-born is nine years old. NINE.  Almost toView full post »

My Bella

To My Dearest Bella, Each year I take pictures of you for your birthday- and each year, I marvel at how much you haveView full post »

Getting Away

Oh it feels good to get away. There is something about being together in a new city that feel different. Feels better.View full post »

Ten Years.

 We were young.   Babies practically.  Running hand in hand down the beach because our photographer was encouraging usView full post »

Mommy & Tyler Day

It’s not the most original name, but it really says it all. Next year Ty will start Kindergarten, and my days ofView full post »

My Best Boy

Today marks a milestone. For some reason (I don’t know why), I think 5 years old is a pretty big milestone.View full post »


Yes, it’s true. The children of a photographer… never get photographed. Sadly, I am usually so burnt outView full post »

A Blessing

It’s a good reminder for myself. Every time I drive by the construction, and I feel a twinge of disappointment ifView full post »

My Girl

Oh my precious Bella, here we are again. Another year has flown by, and yet another year of me contemplating just whereView full post »

A New Adventure

You’ll have to forgive me if my blog posts seem sporadic and inconsistent lately! My Fall schedule is nothingView full post »